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A Stranger's Face :iconhey-ocean:Hey-Ocean 0 0
Balloon Animals
Five hours of sleep and Jade, Spencer, and I were out the little red door of 44 Clockhaven Road, forcing ourselves towards the westbound subway platform.  Spencer scowled grudgingly at the sun bouncing off the snow that had fallen on our way home the night before.  Our footprints were nowhere to be found; there was no proof that anyone had trudged, tired, through four a.m.
I hated having to move.  My feet ached from dancing in heels the night before, but Spencer’s legs were up to the task, and he was determined not to be late for work.  I found it astounding that he was going to cater a wedding, miserably hung over.  Jade and I jogged to keep up with him at times, my trench coat flapping and snapping against the wind behind me.  
Eleven a.m. on a Saturday, and the subways were metal twinkies loaded with pedestrian filling.  The three of us squeezed through the opened doors and let our bodies mourn all the occupied seats.  “BALLOON ANIMALS!  BALLOON ANIMALS!  THE BIG KIND, T
:iconhey-ocean:Hey-Ocean 0 2
A Zip-line Kind of Love
I flew across the lighted square
To leave the past five years behind.
It’s the end of an era, but I don’t care;
It took more courage than I thought I’d find.
I dreamed of Toronto through your eyes,
But saw it, suspended from the night.
I know you’re down there, riding trains,
But I’m more comfortable at this height.
This zip-line is like loving you
For the terror and wonder it can bring,
But unlike you, the cable holds true
And doesn't let go for anything.
:iconhey-ocean:Hey-Ocean 3 0
Down A Rung
I felt it;
The dissociation.
I’ve slipped blindly
Down a rung.
I don’t know why
Who threw me down here—
What tipped the scales
Was it because I’m sickly?
Are you afraid I’ll drop
And you won’t get your money?
Are my thoughts too primitive?
Too grotesque?
It’s not my writing that’s obscene
It is the observations
I chose to write about
That offend you.
Every word is human—
Just the breed of human
You don’t
Slovenly, broken
Intoxicated, beat.
Because you beat us
And dropped us down
A rung.
:iconhey-ocean:Hey-Ocean 6 0
Secret Beach
I dialed his number for what I knew would be the last time.  There was no answer and no voicemail, only an endless ringing.  I didn’t need him to pick up; between my memories and what-ifs, I was already puttering around his kitchen in the summer of ’09.  
“At one point I’m going to make you a celebratory breakfast,” he declared, his grey eyes devouring the sun that crept cautiously through the kitchen window.  
I sipped at my glass of water for something to do.  “Why?  What for?”
“To celebrate your arrival.  You’ve been here for four days already.  Actually, I expected to see you at the big party last night.  Why didn’t you come?”
I knew what party he was referring to and swirled the ice in my glass until I heard the soothing clink of solid against solid.  The night I first arrived, Lucas had told me excitedly of Bassmentality--the best underground party in the dregs of T
:iconhey-ocean:Hey-Ocean 2 2
Mature content
Bedtime Stories :iconhey-ocean:Hey-Ocean 1 8
A Black + White Affair
I first spotted him in the black room wearing a white shirt and silver tie.  It was only his reflection in the mirror in front of me, but it had me hiding behind my best friend; a girl half my size.  “Just order a damned beer and say hello,” Leigh told me.  “If there’s an awkward silence, take a swig.”
I could hardly keep an alcoholic beverage down, but it was the only advice I had, so I nervously ordered a local brew and whispered Carpe Diem as I removed the cap.  It was more of a prayer.  I whispered it so softly that not even a hound could catch the sentiment.  For every second I delayed approaching him, I found I had less to say.  Leigh shoved me onto the marble dance floor impatiently.  
“Russell,” I said firmly, placing my hand on his shoulder.
“Soraya?” He responded in shock.  “What are you doing here?”
I deflated slightly at the question.  I wanted the answer to be obvious; I was submerging myself into the nightl
:iconhey-ocean:Hey-Ocean 2 3
Just Another Nail In The Floor
To say that I hate you is to say that I might hate the sun for its ability to warm and burn me all at once.  I suppose what I feel is frustration and now, more recently, loss.  Not the loss of a person, but the loss of a deranged fantasy I'd built up in my own mind.
My frustration is an older suffering that stems from hopelessness...the hopelessness that rattles the wind chimes every time I am forced to remember that we are inherently different.  I've always been far from normal, and normal is what has always been asked of me.  Rather than believe in myself, believe in my abnormal outlook, I did my best to stay quiet and pass unnoticed.
You seem to believe in Strangeness herself.  You strive to live it.  I have only accepted myself for a short time.  But I accept my oddities now, so why is it we're still not on the same page?
I've figured it out--and it was a difficult thing to come to terms with.  Imagine society as a floor board.  All nail
:iconhey-ocean:Hey-Ocean 3 0
Mature content
Disingenuous Prick :iconhey-ocean:Hey-Ocean 1 0
Mature content
Windblown Girl :iconhey-ocean:Hey-Ocean 1 4
I Heard My Old Scream
I heard my old scream
Haunt the fields beyond my window.
I floated down into the dirt
And let the trees of grass dye my robes
As I shrunk into the mushroom spores.
I tossed myself like old lemon rinds at her feet,
While she orbited me like a satellite
Until her weeping crescendoed to anguished shrieks.
Then I heard her voice
Burn holes through the past
Where she asked me to try and stand up straight.
But I couldn't stand to charge my lungs with breath
So she lifted
Strangeness off my chest.
I felt her hollow hand
Hold up my reeling head
And wondered how a surreal Echo
Could be so physical.
There I was, dancing on sweet toes
Through halls of foreign eyes,
My tears a solution of dread and fright
Clinging to my skin—
Yet my body was dry as October leaves;
Easy to ignite—
And like a matchstick burnt
Through dim eras of pain—
Until she poured over me
Like a waterfall.
Then I felt her voice
Shake the milkyway,
Scattering moondust in my eyes,
Blinding me with a lunar l
:iconhey-ocean:Hey-Ocean 11 13
The St. Laurent
Birds cawing,
Trees that keep watch over the scarred land
Like gnarled titans--
Waves that whisper the watery secrets
They carry on their backs to shore.  
A tumbling of liquid
Falling from cliff to cliff until it
Collects within itself.
In my head it is a lake,
Not a river that tongues the salt of the sea.  
First I dipped my feet in,
And shrunk away from the shock,
But the waves pulled me in
And broke their promises against my body--
Moved me, tingling, about the eroded rocks.
I bled a little,
But I was free!
:iconhey-ocean:Hey-Ocean 1 0
A Scholarly Role Reversal
I entered his house just as his parents were leaving for work in the morning.  Whether he had left for the farm for the week or he had moved out to live closer to Toronto's club district was beyond me, but for whatever reason, I believed him not to be home.  I lurked around the house, choosing first to delve for treasures in the kitchen, and then to finish the sudoku puzzle left half completed on the living room table.  
I ventured upstairs for curiosity's sake, but my curiosity was not so easily satiated.  It kept kneading me until I grew soft and opened the door to the basement.  Darkness looked out at me from the furnished cave below, and my whole body quaked with adventure.  I was half way down the steep stairway when I was startled to see his naked back.  
There he was, quietly sitting on his carpeted floor wearing nothing but a pair of jeans.  I gasped in surprise, shaken and panicked to have been cau
:iconhey-ocean:Hey-Ocean 2 4
I Want To Write
I want to write
I told them.
I want to study something that fits comfortably on the soul;
I've had enough of the sub-cellular world.
I told them
Biology is not right for me.
I've had enough of the sub-cellular world;
Genetics doesn't know me well enough.
Biology is not right for me.  
There is no poetry in microorganisms!
Genetics doesn't know me well enough;
Writing is in my DNA
There is no poetry in microorganisms
Except for bioluminescent dinoflagellates in California waves.
Writing is in my DNA--
Tangled in my meshed thoughts.
Except for bioluminescent dinoflagellates in California waves,
Science doe not sparkle in the light.
Tangled in my meshed thoughts,
I struggle for literary escape.
Science does not sparkle in the light.
It grieves me to pass the days without a pen in hand.
I struggle for literary escape;
I long for the complexity of prose and the sweetness of diction
It grieves me to pass the days without a pen in hand.
I want to study something that fits comfortabl
:iconhey-ocean:Hey-Ocean 3 2
"Freedom!" I hollered
And ran towards the city,
Igniting my heart.
:iconhey-ocean:Hey-Ocean 1 3
Pin Me Up
My legs keep trying to burrow
Into lacy thigh-highs.
My feet keep trying to slither
Into metallic wedges.
I have lost my scholarly self beneath
Leagues of embellished crinoline.
I wonder if she still breathes
Beneath the meshed sea,
Or if she drowned,
Tangled in the seaweed of vintage belts.
I am at the end of this pin-up poster,
Teetering on the edge of my wooden frame.
I want to jump in and save her,
But I don't want to wrinkle my dress.
:iconhey-ocean:Hey-Ocean 5 4

Random Favourites

Letter from Hat to Flower Pot
I remember the first morning I met you,
Perched inert on the shelf you call comfort -
Your gorgeous extremities hanging low in the light,
For all they're worth in the butterflown sunrise.
And I said:
I'm not one of those guys
Who can just fall for someone
At the drop of a hat"

And you replied slyly:
"Easy there tiger:
I'm not like that either"

But both you and I knew.
I dropped for every precious piece of you.
I dropped and fell for the way you can wait,
A solar sentinel,
Unwavering through a night frozen stiff.
And your bottomless patience, kindness:
Never once asking rent from your florid hosts.
I tumbled and swerved for those ceramic curves,
As soft and as cool as watered midday
Or the lip of your bowl so shapely
That I pray for the day we can drop everything -
And blow ourselves away.
And they say I'm as mad as the hatter who wears me,
To swoon after you in the way that I do
But honeybee:
They don't know a thing about you,
And they don't know a th
:icongra-te-agus-brioscai:gra-te-agus-brioscai 5 5
Sorry by Naschi Sorry :iconnaschi:Naschi 1,466 195 Tell me a story by Naschi Tell me a story :iconnaschi:Naschi 2,743 123 Pride by Naschi Pride :iconnaschi:Naschi 4,906 425 Happy Halloween by Naschi Happy Halloween :iconnaschi:Naschi 2,687 168
Body of Water
People ask me,
What I miss the most  
I miss the sea...

Walked into a tropical fish store last week,
And it hit me  
The salt in my nose  
Breathe deep, hold onto it...  
It was like home,
Like high tide, white caps, seaweed  
Breathe deep...  
Sometimes I swear it's in my blood
The color of a red tide,
Platelets like jellyfish  
I used to wish...
If I were a mermaid,
I could just escape  
Breathe deep, don't let it go...  
Some may think me crazy,
Loving it so,
The stench of tide flats  
No, the smell of home,
My heart aches and strains to grasp it,
To wrap around the salt smell  
Breathe deep...  
It must be part of me,
These tears taste like salt  
Like home  
Breathe deep...  
But I'm just alone,
Standing in a fish shop.
:iconcrazedbycalliope:CrazedByCalliope 4 3
Stays Dead Even In Milk by SeizureDemon Stays Dead Even In Milk :iconseizuredemon:SeizureDemon 131 16
It's so cold out now,
and I miss us, and how
we use to be, so warm
and full of summer love
prematurely blossoming
in spring, and at this moment
I feel my heart wither, shaken
leaf, damp on a cold winter day,
unable to absorb the icy sunshine,
violently shaking
this is my unmaking,
the thread of words you used to
sew us together, unstitched,
unrehearsed for eons now,
our throats coated in dust,
lips stained with rust where
kisses lingered and froze,
remain unmoved but have grown too old.
I seem to be the shoe that doesn't
fit, the candle that won't stay lit-
it's getting dark and those unreliable
old eyes, they won't lead you where you
want to go...
I think my wick has long since
become fire proof, and perhaps I had you
breathe fire for far too long, let go,
let go-
:iconmintamite:Mintamite 3 5
The Scent of Autumn
There's something about the smell of dead leaves that
stirs the ghosts of my past, those feelings of Autumn
that Winter froze and Spring renewed-
a life time ago, everything you said, everything you did
was supported by my timid worship, and now we've fallen
like the withered leaves of your favourite season,
all kinds of colours, setting the grass on fire...
All we know how to do is burn, nostalgic fever,
will you ever break? I find it fitting to put
my precarious secrets to rest in a medicinal
delusion-the smoke. Oh the smoke.
So fitting, my darling, It was just us from
childhood, and now you don't find my words
compelling, and now you don't even read my
thoughts, I'm not listening, not anymore.
:iconmintamite:Mintamite 2 5
Dig Them Bones, Daddio by SeizureDemon Dig Them Bones, Daddio :iconseizuredemon:SeizureDemon 313 15 Lungs full of Jive by SeizureDemon Lungs full of Jive :iconseizuredemon:SeizureDemon 146 23 I must be bored 8D by daim0z I must be bored 8D :icondaim0z:daim0z 89 22 rave girl by huy-truong rave girl :iconhuy-truong:huy-truong 20 13 Goggle Dancer by StudioBueno Goggle Dancer :iconstudiobueno:StudioBueno 41 4 WIP - water element - by Hoshino-Arashi WIP - water element - :iconhoshino-arashi:Hoshino-Arashi 18 11



Sarah Jean
United States
Poetry, music, notebooks, candles, paperbacks, doodles, thought prisms, colour, chocolate, affection, car rides, skylines, harvest moons, finger painting, karaoke, faded denim, marker tatoos, escape, friends, family, timeless infinity
Hugs are for healing

Current Residence: Montreal
Favourite genre of music: Ear Pleasing
Favourite style of art: Poetry and Piano Solos
MP3 player of choice: iPod
Shell of choice: Sea Shell
Wallpaper of choice: The kind that doesn't peel!
Skin of choice: Soft Skin
Favourite cartoon character: Scooby Doo
Personal Quote: Words, like nature, half reveal and half conceal the soul within
It seems so far away now.
I know exactly how I felt and what happened,
But it's just out of reach of my pen

WHY can't I write what I mean to write?
  • Listening to: Abba
  • Reading: The Portible Beat Reader
  • Watching: Incandescent Light Bulbs
  • Eating: Pasta Salad
  • Drinking: Nothing


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Oh wow, just logged in now.!  I am very well.  I don't really post here anymore for a variety of reasons.  The first is that someone stole some of my writing from this site and passed it off as their own.  The second reason is because I started a Creative Writing major at my university...and then felt like everything I wrote prior to starting my major was absolute crap and I didn't want to be reminded about it.  But I do miss this site.  

How have you been?  Still writing?  And can I find you on social media other than DA?
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I've been well thanks, writing in bits and pieces. I'm finishing up with my degree in the next few months so there isn't much time to write, but I do post stuff occasionally. Don't read other people's work as much though, which is kind of sad. 
Yeah, I've got everything, except I don't know how my tumblr works, I'm like an old person. I do have facebook though, or let me know where to find you as well. Was thinking of a poetry blog but that's still in its planning stages for now. 
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